About Us

Built out of Necessity. Grown out of Passion.

Recognized as one of the original innovators and perpetual thought-leaders in business process improvements, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. (SBTI) is a global management consulting firm specializing in consultation and deployment of powerful business and process improvement methodologies – Lean and Six Sigma. SBTI delivers innovative and sustainable business process excellence solutions by thoroughly assessing a client’s business. Through a process of developing future leaders with core competencies, SBTI assists enterprises in driving superior top- and bottom-line results and advancing them with best-in-class results in revenue growth, cost reduction, new product development and process improvement.

The founder, Dr. Steve Zinkgraf, was heavily involved in the flagship Six Sigma deployment at Motorola during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. From 1994 to 1996, Steve led the initial deployment of Six Sigma in AlliedSignal’s (now Honeywell) Engineered Materials Sector delivering large financial benefits in the program’s first 12 months. Out of necessity, Steve started SBTI in May 1997 with a passion for delivering results that made a difference in other companies.

Until now, SBTI has assisted enterprises in achieving breakthrough process improvements in all industries. With abundant experience and solid foundation, SBTI understands the needs of every industry, enterprise and even the cultural difference among different regions. Therefore, SBTI is able to design tailor made implementation strategy and concrete training programs for enterprises having different demand and considerations.

SBTI-HK specializes in deploying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. With full support from American headquarters and closely work with SBTI-China team, we can make use of their abundant resources and successful experience of transforming global leading enterprises to provide the most effective business process improvement solutions and trainings to local enterprises.