Gain Sharing

The Risk Averse Way to Greater Returns in your Deployments

Why would SBTI offer a way to reduce your risk when conducting an enterprise deployment?

Because we are very confident, if done within the proven procedures that SBTI has mastered over the last decade, that the rewards will be returned in multiples of your investment. Our return will come with a sharing in your return.

In certain cases it make more sense to enter a deployment agreement with a partner when there is a shared risk and reward of deployment success. SBTI is capable and willing to enter a gain sharing agreement with clients.

There are three key criteria:

  1. Deployment preparation is completed per a list which includes establishing support levels, expectations and roles
  2. High-level process assessment is completed prior to launch and agreed deployment scope is defined; current state and future state mapped and measured
  3. Financial measures of program benefits are defined and agreed; financial tracking is in place and SBTI and Client define measurement co-ownership

Typical Investment Structure

  • One Executive Champion session
  • 2 days with 2 instructors
  • One Deployment Champion session
  • 2 ½ days with 2 instructors
  • Deployment Execution: Program and project training and consulting

Typical benefits

  • $250,000 per project area
  • Typical fees = 1/3 of operational benefits or 1.2 times our standard fees

For more details of our gain sharing agreement, please contact us directly.