Lean Leader


Drive Lean Initiatives Using Proven Tools and True Lean Roadmaps

By turning a project manager into a LEAN LEADER practioner (the equivalent of a Black Belt level), your organization can leverage the true advantages of a Lean initiative. In today’s business environment, maintaining a competitive edge is the only way to stay in business. Project managers who are armed with the right tools, true Lean roadmaps, implementation knowledge and real-world, hands-on experience can drive Lean into the operations side of your business. Taking knowledge transfer to a new level, the LEAN LEADER program turns Lean project managers into exceptional performers.

Lean Leader focuses on best practices in teaching, learning and implementation to give your high potential candidates the tools, methods, skills and confidence needed to lead a Lean Implementation in your business.

Lean Leader will arm your future leaders with a full toolkit, Lean methods implementation experience and a detailed, approved Lean Implementation Plan. You can expect your Lean Leader to be able to:

  •   Identify Lean improvement opportunities and design a correction plan
  •   Train front line and executive staff in lean tools and methods
  •   Lead improvement teams through successful Kaizen events
  •   Develop Lean implementation plans for other areas of the business
  •   Deliver documented hard dollar savings on an ongoing basis

Key Topics

  • 24 Lean tools
  • Simulations
  • Project and Kaizen Chartering
  • Steering Team Functions and Linkages
  • Kaizen preparation
  • Project Statement Definition
  • Baseline measurements, goals and objectives
  • Sustaining Metrics
  • Process control
  • Assimilate control plans into organization
  • Lean Implementation Design
  • Value Stream Mapping


  • Lean Training – 4 Weeks
  • 2 Series Kaizen Events – 1 Week/Event

Online Training Course Enrollment

For information on courses above* or inquiries about in-house training, please contact us.

*Individuals / Staff nominated by enterprises are welcomed to enroll our courses.