Our Strategic Partners: Advancing our Support and Ensuring Results

A key part of the success SBTI has with its client base is our selection and integration of our technical partners. Throughout the process of advancing companies, collection and management of data and systems is critical. Making the process easier to understand is essential to mark and identify the results of a program. Often the products and services of our partners are written into the material sets that we have developed over the last decade. They are regularly referred to and updated within the materials as variations occur.


Statistical Software is the ideal package for Six Sigma and other quality improvement projects. From Statistical Process Control to Design of Experiments, Minitab offers methods to implement every phase of your quality project, along with features like StatGuide™ and ReportPad™ that help you understand and communicate your results.

Quality Companion

Quality Companion 3 is an application to manage all your improvement projects, report on your success, and track your entire quality program.

Six Sigma Institute (SSI)

The Six Sigma Institute (SSI) is the first organization in Hong Kong specially providing Six Sigma trainings, registrations and examinations to recognize professional status of Six Sigma practitioners.