Targeted Growth

Solving Growth Challenges

Where should you look within your organization for growth? Growth is often obtained through the ability to develop and market new products. It could also come from within by improving the way things are currently done. SBTI has assisted many companies in reaching their growth goals by performing one or all of the above directions.

Improving Profitability

Much like the often used movie quote, “Show Me The Money”, SBTI approaches profitability initiatives by identifying where the money is in the system. Whether it is in costs of products, cost of sales, margins or efficiencies, SBTI can help you drive savings and improved profits to the bottom line.

New Product Development

Achieving top-line improvement requires new, innovative products and services with features that excite your current and potential global customers. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) will assess and tie into your stage gate or new product development process, enabling strategic initiatives for revenue growth. Successful innovation with high-probability is achieved with disciplined approaches and strategically aligned projects.

New Market Development

Together with Marketing For Six Sigma (MFSS), your new products and services will meet expressed and unstated needs of your key customers in domestic and international target markets, resulting in market-altering product launches.

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