Simplified Project Managment for Non-Project Manager

Managerial Issues in Managing Project

  • Organizations routinely handle thousands of projects per year, and it is difficult to manage all these projects concurrently.
  • Too often, projects do not get the attention they need when they need it.
  • Management inattention can lead to late projects or projects with less than desirable content and/or deliverables.
  • With late delivery of projects, organization may lost substantial profit potentials

What is Simplified Project Management (SPM)?

SPM can deliver project content in a timely and reliable manner for many different types of projects.

It offers a simple, easy, visual way to manage tasks.

In addition, SPM keeps things moving, maintains focus on the important elements, yields predictable completion, and enables workers to deliver quality at every step.

SPM’s three elements are

  1. a firm and aggressive plan
  2. visual project status with frequent reporting
  3. an expert resource bench.

SPM methodology is a robust, efficient management tool capable of achieving the deliverable within the limited budget.


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