Integrating CCPM with Agile and Lean


The Workshop is developed based on the “Critical Chain Project Management techniques” incorporated with essential parts of Agile and Lean. The aim of this proven approach is to help organizations to achieve a breakthrough improvement in project productivity.
Among 9 techniques, 7 are applicable to multi-project environment of any organizations, two are customized to handle IT projects


To achieve 3 most crucial objectives for project portfolio management:

  1. Selecting the right projects.
  2. Maximizing the portfolio’s throughput of project completions.
  3. Optimizing the portfolio’s reliability of project completions.

Expect Results:

Grasp the breakthrough approach and be able to implement them for doubling the throughput of your multi-project portfolio.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives responsible for multi project management
  • Project directors/managers/engineers
  • CIO’s, IT project managers and software development professionals


1. Project Selection Using Effective ROI
2. Project staggering
3. Single tasking
4. Eliminating Task-Level Commitment
5. Process Value Stream Analysis
6. Buffering Techniques
7. Buffer Balancing
8. Managing a Hybrid Agile/Traditional Project portfolio
9. Ultimate Scrum
10. Obstacles and How to Overcome Them
11. Implementation for Doubling Improvement
12. Use LYNX Software for Rapid Benefits


09:30 – 17:30


1627A, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, TST


Cantonese with English handouts.