Completing Project on Time and Within Budget

Completing Project on Time and Within Budget

The Innovative Project Managment – Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is the technology that has the power to improve dramatically the performance of project of all type in companies of all size.

Hundreds of organizations have implemented CCPM successfully and in particular the Japanese government announcement in 2008 that CCPM should be used on all projects henceforth (approx. 20,000 projects per year).


Facilitated by certified CCPM expert, the workshop covers the concept, methodology, case examples. The new techniques will be illustrated by computer simulation. The workshop covers CCPM scheduling, tracking and project management by the CCPM software, Lynx.

With the aim to help participating organizations apply this new technique effectively, the recommended CCPM software, LYNX will be provided for one-month trial to establish your project plan without additional fee.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives for whom project management is part of their duties.
  • Project directors/managers, resources manager, task managers.
  • Engineers of infrastructure, civil and building engineering.
  • Professionals for product development, IT development, supply chain and services projects


  1. Current issues of project management
  2. Simulation game
  3. Solution Directions
  4. Comparison of Current and New Methods
  5. CCPM Scheduling for Single Projects
  6. Exercise
  7. Simulation Exercise
  8. Project Tracking and Monitoring
  9. Simulation and Results
  10. Project management
  11. Simulation and Results
  12. Introduction to LYNX Project management Software
  13. Major features of the LYNX Software
  14. Case Examples


09:30 – 17:30


1627A, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, TST


Cantonese with English handouts.