Support of your Six Sigma Program is essential for maximizing the gains

Lean and Six Sigma is started in organizations as a way to significantly improve performance of key processes by eliminating defects and reducing waste; delivering benefits to customers and owners in a short amount of time. A successful launch of a Lean Sigma program is expected to deliver at least ten times the cost of the training and travel required within 18 months of the start of the program. A key benefit of a Lean Sigma program is the development of a new group of leaders in the organization who will be armed with new problem solving and data analysis skills. In addition, a successful program will create overwhelming cultural change while generating real measurable dollars to the bottom line.

That said, how you go about accomplishing these initiatives will greatly determine how successful you will be and if you can sustain your returns. At SBTI, we have performed many successful deployments (Our Clients) in a wide variety of industries. Our methods create a sense of urgency and changes your company’s culture to one that drives performance excellence by deploying Lean Sigma enterprise wide.

Deployment Planning
Success in Six Sigma, as with any other major change effort, relies heavily on detailed planning. SBTI constructs custom Executive programs to assure a successful launch. Company-sponsored executive training provides an opportunity for managers and leaders to evaluate Six Sigma, resolve any concerns, and develop a corporate alignment for the initiative, with a full overview and customized training to effectively support ‘champions’ and ‘belts’ alike.

Project Support
Great projects and great people still need support from experienced mentors. SBTI provides consultants that have been in the same situations as your leadership team including Champions, Black Belts, and Master Black Belts to advance your projects to breakthrough levels. Technical support and project reviews are essential for project success. SBTI has the talented resources to guarantee your success.

To maximize your gains, do not hesitate to contact us and get essential supports now!