Total Solution

Enterprises are always lacking in suitable management approaches, comprehensive systems and related talents to overcome difficulties they are facing. According to experience of improving management system for various enterprises from different industries in the years, professional consultant team of SBTI-HK can provide a tailor-made ‘Total Solution’ to your company[e.g. Lean Six Sigma Consultancy service] . From establishment of improvement strategy, implementation of solutions to training of talents, we provide a one-stop service to enhance your corporate management, efficiency and competitiveness. In the result, your return rate will be raised. There are three parts of ‘Total Solution’:

  1. Business Excellence Model
  2. Enterprise System Solution
  3. In-house Training

Benefits of Total Solution﹕

Our experienced consultants will use applicable software to analyze your business processes and provide solutions in tackling root causes of problems to reach the following achievements:

  • Reduce unnecessary operation expenditure
  • Release potential production capacity. Raise the capacity by reallocating current resources.
  • Shorten the production cycle / delivery time. Reduce inventory rate. Improve on-time delivery rate.
  • Increase cash flow / turnover
  • Create reliable operation system
  • Establish steady growth mechanism to have better performance than the competitors
  • Build up an excellent and professional management team
  • Develop continuous improvement corporate culture



In the first 3 – 6 months, no huge investment is required but only fundamental consultation fee is responsible for the enterprise. One-stop services and software will be provided to achieve short-term targets. If the client is satisfied with the results, a one-year contract will be confirmed to invest more resources for further improvements.
For long-term, we can provide Strategic Business Development Plan to increase your profits in 10 times within four years. Our return will come with a sharing in your return, without charging additional costs to you.


Choosing Our Service

Before providing applicable solution services, enterprises will be assessed for one day (the charge varies according to actual situation) to confirm aspects that need improvement. Please call us at (852) 2581 2209 or email to [email protected] for details.