Here Listen to Our Clients

“So far we’ve been at this just a little over twelve months.  We’re on track to do better than 400% return on our investment in Lean Six Sigma training.  In many areas, particularly transactional, Lean has helped tremendously.  Where SBTI adds the most value is with a highly credible set of experts who consistently apply the same set of teaching methodologies, bring the same message to us – whether it’s in Europe, Asia or North America , to help us become in our own right, world class.”
John Murphy, Assistant Vice President Process Improvement, CSX Transportation

“They [SBTI] have been a wonderful partner throughout this entire thing. They have helped us with Six Sigma opportunities and this kaizen event. We hope to continue to use Six Sigma, Lean, and Kaizen together as a portfolio of performance improvement techniques to help us make our hospital a better place.”
Gary Jepson, President & CEO, Central Texas Medical Center

 “Sigma Breakthrough Technology Inc. (SBTI), is the global leading Lean Six Sigma consulting corporation, since 2002, SBTI has been selected as the partner of us to provide Six Sigma management consulting and training services. In 2004, the effectiveness and results of the implementations of Six Sigma management activities has exceeded our expectations, making the financial gains of nearly 1 billion yuan! Six Sigma activities can encourage huge energy and motivation, and all participants are eager to change!”
Ma Xin Ying, Director of Strategic Development Quality, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation

“Since 2005, our company has begun to implement Six Sigma management in the fields of business management, with the help of SBTI, to identify five significant areas of cost savings and cycle-time reducing. We set up own Six Sigma Black Belts and Six Sigma Green Belts training system, and deployed breakthrough improvements for the need of areas. SBTI team, in addition to knowing how to use effective methods to help us achieve our goals, more importantly is that they can develop the most economical, the most workable, most scientific and convenient implementation pragrams according to our needs and present situation.”
Caner Chi, Six Sigma Black Belt, Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

“We have chosen SBTI, because they have the consulting advantages of logistics, and SBTI can help us and work together with our company’s Six Sigma management team to achieve goals. If your team wants to ask for help from having practicial experience experts in Six Sigma, then I think you may wish to try to cooperate with SBTI, and sincerely wish the Six Sigma method can give us create greater value.”
Dr. Long Shaoliang, on behalf of Managers, Anji-TNT Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd.

Here Listen to Our Students

“Just wanted to pass a note on to you and express my thanks for the MBB session we did in Boca Raton last year. I took a lot away from that program, followed it up with some study time and invested 13 weeks in the classroom as a co-instructor (and even solo instructor). I’m proud to say that I passed my MBB board review earlier this year (late February). I can honestly say I would not have been as prepared, or motivated to take on the additional workload, had it not been for your class and investment in me.”
Anthony P. Moffa, Tyco Safety Products – Westminster

“Thank you very much for your email about MBB certification. It is an incredible honor for me to be certified as MBB by one of the most esteemed institutions worldwide in the field of Lean Six Sigma. Through the MBB coursework and certification process, we have developed a strong lifelong relationship. I am looking forward to reaching out to my mentors at SBTI as I progress through many Lean Six Sigma endeavors in my professional life. I am proud to be an alumnus of SBTI’s MBB program.”
Dr. Shriniwas S. Chauk, Bayer

“Thanks a lot for your congratulations and all your support during this year. I also know that I have a lot of work to do in front of me in order to make LDFSS methodology a standard method and a “common way” to work in Engineering and to improve myself. Nevertheless, this accomplishment will help me to continuing in leading and training our people in my Company. This is, as I said to you, my “Gold Medal” in Six Sigma. I will keep your example as a way to follow for my career.”
Pier Eugenio Grassano, Tyco Electronics

“Thank you very much! Your entire MBB program has been extremely well done and has definitely moved me to a completely new level in my effectiveness and my career as a whole. Thanks again for your help and excellent instruction!”
Dan Irlbeck, Tyco Electronics

“Thanks for all your help and excellent instruction through the MBB process. I can honestly say that this experience has been life changing and I hope to leverage this knowledge throughout the rest of my career, and probably longer. We are truly a band of brothers.”
Rich Whyne, Tyco Electronics