Business Excellence Model

  • For companies need overall improvement of enterprise management, operation efficacy and training of related talents
  • Through implementation of Business Excellence Model (e.g. Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, etc.), enterprises will be able to build up a comprehensive and sustainable corporate improvement culture and to maintain business competitiveness

Applying world-class business management model for the all-round improvement in corporate management and operation, the enterprise can obtain short, medium and long-term improvement plan flexibly according to allocated resources. Features of the solution are:

Effective – Enjoy the fruitful result within 3-6 months under the Pilot Scheme.

Target Oriented – Provide professional advices and solutions in order to meet business strategy.

Punctual & Reliable – Provide reliable suggestions in time and assist the client to achieve targets in the predetermined period.

Market Oriented – Develop blue ocean marketing strategy. Fully understand the potential market needs. Create customer value regardless of the economic prospect.

Low Input – No huge investment is required in the first 3 – 6 months to achieve short-term targets.

Steady Growth – Establish a steady growth mechanism and bring unprecedented breakthrough performance in operation and profit-making.

Backbone Staff – Train the talents as backbone staff and equip them with know-how of achieving high performance.

Gain Sharing – Our return on long-term service will come with a sharing in your return.

1-day Assessment

Before providing solution services, enterprises will be assessed for one day (the charge varies according to actual situation). Applicable solutions will be suggested after confirmed aspects that need improvement.

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