We Transfer Knowledge

Develop Your People to Build Better Companies

The best Intellectual Properties in the world can be rendered useless without the right understanding. At SBTI, we conceived, designed and wrote the process improvement methodologies, allowing us to teach them in a way that no one else can. Just one visit to an SBTI classroom and you would witness how well-versed the instructor is with the materials and how they sense the student’s reception of that material. The combination of a great instructor and great intellectual properties leads to breakthrough results.

In fact, many of our instructors have retained long-term relationships with their students, long after the classroom. Just look at what their students have to say.

Over the period of more than a decade, SBTI has trained thousands of Champions, Green Belts, Black Belts, Lean Leaders and several hundred Master Black Belts who are delivering breakthrough results across the globe. Results have shown over the years that an SBTI-trained belt, at all levels, have significantly greater financial returns than those trained elsewhere. On the average, an SBTI Black Belt returns around $1,000,000 and our Green Belts average $250,000 on an annual basis.

Who is Just as Important as What

“The Right People + The Right Tools + Working on the Right Projects = Breakthrough”.

Except providing training to individuals, we encourage corporates to select and support right talents to be trained. Then let them to identify right tools and techniques matching with business strategy and objectives for continuous improvement projects and to achieve real breakthrough.

From strategic initiatives across the enterprise all the way to satisfied customers, SBTI courses contain the tools and the intellectual know-how to produce breakthrough results – all taught by world-class instructors who have direct experiences working in and leading successful corporate results initiatives.

We provide training to corporates / individuals:
Green Belt
Black Belt
Lean Leader

If you are looking to bring process improvement training in-house, or trying to reduce the time it takes for material development, you need to look no further. The intellectual properties at SBTI has proven, time and again, to out-perform the industry standard while quickly becoming integrated into the corporate culture. Contact us now and you will receive the latest field-proven materials, quickly customized to fit specific program requirements.