Improving Productivity: Operational

Improving Productivity: Operational

Reduce Waste and Defects in Operational Environments

Improving productivity is the number one initiative of nearly every company that manufactures a product or delivers a service. How to improve is always the challenge.

As national and international markets are increasingly becoming more competitive, companies of all kinds are looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency, while bringing greater value to their customers. To address these needs, SBTI maintains substantive recommendations for improving operational practices—delivering significant returns and real value to clients’ clients.

Lean Operational

For innovative companies looking to drive Lean into their business operations SBTI provides lean consulting and layered training that is designed to work modularly or in combination to build the groundwork for a successful Lean implementation.

SBTI provides consulting and training that is designed to illustrate the power of thinking “Lean” and demonstrates what can be accomplished in a wide variety of industries. SBTI provides real-life examples of Lean implementations and the benefits that could be achieved in your operations: manufacturing, service and continuous flow environments.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma within Operations is the most frequently requested program that SBTI has to offer. Rooted in the original Six Sigma training and deployment courses, our Six Sigma Operations program is our flagship offering.

The manufacturing world is not new to ideas like Total Quality Management (TQM), Continuous Improvement, and Plan/Do/Check/Act (PDCA). However, only with Six Sigma have companies been able to achieve and sustain real breakthrough results. Clients engaged with SBTI have redefined the way they do business. With a powerful combination of the right people, the right projects and the right tools they have delivered exceptional business results for their investors as well as superior performance for their customers.

Lean Sigma

Manufacturing operations make up the majority of costs of any business and it is here that the Lean Sigma journey typically begins. The combination of Lean and Six Sigma, when applied through specifically-structured roadmaps that utilizes the right mix of tools can provide remarkable results. Hidden (and not-so-hidden) costs proliferate through operations in the form of scrap, rework, waste, underutilized capacity, purchase of unneeded equipment, warranty returns, inspection/test and delivery performance issues, to name a few. These costs can amount to as much as 10-20 percent of revenue. Implementing a well-planned Lean Sigma Operational deployment with SBTI can result in a dramatic reduction of these and other costs. This proven methodology combined with the industry-experienced consultants at SBTI can and will obtain substantial bottom-line savings for your organization.

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