Improving Productivity: Transactional

Improving Productivity: Transactional

An Approach Matched to the Needs of Transactional Projects

Wherever there are transactions taking place within your organization, there is going to be an opportunity to improve costs and increase efficiencies. Powerful process improvement methodologies offered by SBTI can reduce waste and virtually eliminate errors in the processes.

Lean Transactional

For innovative companies looking to drive Lean into their business operations, SBTI provides Lean consulting and layered training that is designed to work modularly or in combination to build the groundwork for a successful Lean implementation.

Lean Sigma Transactional

The combination of Lean and Six Sigma, when applied through specifically structured roadmaps, utilizes the right mix of tools to provide remarkable, even breakthrough results. Hidden (and not-so-hidden) costs proliferate through organizations in the form of errors, rework, waste, underutilized capacity, equipment use, inspection/test and delivery performance issues, to name a few. These costs can significantly effect your overall revenue. Implementing a well-planned Lean Sigma Transactional deployment with SBTI can result in a dramatic reduction of these and other costs. This proven methodology combined with the industry-experienced consultants at SBTI can and will obtain substantial bottom line savings for your organization.

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