Lean Sigma Transactional Green Belt Training


Trained to apply a value-focused approach to problem solving, team members and organizations learn to evaluate work and problems from a value-added perspective while focusing efforts on financial value to the company.


•    Projects with clear financial benefits
•    Identify Key Process and Customers
•    Spread Process Improvement Methodology™ and tools throughout the company
•    Establish a value-focused approach to work and problem-solving

Key Topics:

DMAIC Lean Six Sigma process improvement roadmap

Define: Identifying Needs, Project Chartering, Team Formation, Project Management, Meeting Management
Measure: Mapping Tools, Understanding Current State , Risk Assessment, Metrics & Measures, Basic Statistics, Minitab & Data, Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), Capability, Passive Data Study Preparation
Analyze: Statistical Hypotheses, Making Comparisons (to a standard, one-one, multiple), Testing Relationships, Understanding Sources of Variation, Statistical Confidence, Lean Analyze Tools
Improve & Control: Process Improvement techniques, Developing and Implementing Solutions, Control Methods, SPC, Validating Results


Two weeks

Who Should Attend:

Process improvement experts who will focus on projects within their job function

Online Training Course Enrollment