Why Choosing SBTI

Strength & Stability

SBTI has long been a recognized leader in large corporate Lean and Six Sigma deployments. Since our inception in 1996 we have had the Six Sigma industry’s most stable management and deployment team. SBTI was one of the original three Six Sigma professional services firms and our founder and CEO, Dr. Stephen A. Zinkgraf, one of the original Six Sigma developers, has been leading our firm throughout our existence. Unlike others in the industry SBTI has never suffered the distraction of being bought, sold, a part of a merger or a major management turnover. Our organic growth has come from our commitment to making our customers successful and getting results. Because of this stability, our people have 100% of their attention focused on the innovation required to continually evolve Six Sigma to new heights.

Global Resources, Flexibility, Scalability

Throughout our history SBTI has demonstrated a track record of quickly responding to clients’ global needs.  When faced with major Six Sigma training and consulting opportunities and new clients in Korea, China, Europe and Latin America, SBTI quickly staffed and created new companies to serve the needs of these unique markets.  Our ability to do this is proven, rapid and scaleable.  As a result of SBTI’s global reputation for excellence and stability we are able to continually attract the best and brightest talent and put them in an environment to excel.  We maintain strong relationships and a global pipeline of people to take quick advantage of emerging opportunities.

Our Experiences

SBTI has performed successful Lean and Six Sigma deployments in a variety of companies including 3M, Cummins, Eastman Chemical, Tyco as well as many others. SBTI has demonstrated flexibility, leadership, stability and above all results.

Fastest and Highest ROI

SBTI delivers the fastest and highest return on investment in the industry. By bringing our clients world-class consultants, materials and experience, we can guarantee a successful business and cultural change. This is accomplished by providing customized solutions for our client’s specific business needs.

Planned Internalization

More than any other Lean and Six Sigma provider, SBTI prides itself in creating an environment for our clients to become their own Masters of Lean and Six Sigma methods. Through our knowledge transfer technology and Train-the-Trainer processes we help our clients target, select, train and mentor their Lean and Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts, Master Black Belts and Champions to master the process. We help plan and execute this transfer in a logical and efficient way so that your annual return on investment accelerates with each passing month.  In the end your company “owns” the process, not the consulting company who brought it in.