Six Sigma: The First 90 Days

by Dr. Stephen A. Zinkgraf

This book offers leaders a proven turnkey approach to launching a process improvement initiative in 90 days, and using it to transform your company within a year. Writing for executives and future leaders of corporate deployments, Stephen A. Zinkgraf presents a high-speed methodology for linking process improvement methodologies to business strategy, executing a flawless launch, aligning the entire enterprise behind performance improvement and achieving powerful short- and long-term results.

Zinkgraf, who helped run Larry Bossidy’s pioneering Six Sigma program at AlliedSignal, reveals best practices for leading the entire process. Discover how to identify, prioritize and charter breakthrough projects; choose the right consulting group; define roles; build and train teams; mitigate risks; implement metrics and much more. Once you have launched, you will learn how to improve your program and extend its impact. This book’s techniques, roadmaps and milestones represent a complete framework for driving and managing change: the #1 core competency for 21st century executives.

Table of Contents

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